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Stocking the Asoki Planner

The Asoki Planner is erasable and reusable. We recommend adding a sign which mentions this. Contact us for a print design at [email protected].

What is included & how to erase

On the inside of the planner is a plastic insert sleeve, with a black wipe inside. The package also includes a black pen, sticky pen loop and empty spray bottle.

  • The sticky pen loop can be stuck by the customer and the pen placed inside
  • The empty spray bottle can be filled with water. Or: soap, window cleaner or our Apple & Mint spray.
  • Small areas can be erased with the felt eraser on the back of the pen
  • Pages can be erased using the spray bottle and wipe


With your Asoki Planner you get a wipe, empty refillable spray bottle, black pen and pen loop included


The Asoki Planner is packaged inside a paper bag, because we avoid single-use plastic.

Organic cotton reusable period pads in plastic free packaging


The floral Asoki Planner illustrated by Sanny van Loon is packaged inside a paper box. The Metal Editions are too.

Reusable notebook illustrated by Sanny van Loon