Red Erasable Pens Non-smudging 2 Pack


Two red erasable pens for the Asoki Planner. The red ink is easily erasable and it is less likely to leave a light smudge on pages than the blue or green pens.

  • Fineliner: 0.6 mm top
  • (vegan) felt eraser on the back
  • Fast-drying ink: no smudging
  • Suitable for most left-handed people: read experiences in our FAQ

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GTIN: 5060762940124
Brand: Asoki


Erasable Pens 2 Pack

  • 2 red erasable pens
    • ‘dry erase’: erasable with and without liquid
    • (vegan) felt eraser on the back of each pen

How to use erasable pens

Erase words with the (vegan) felt eraser on the back.

Spots after erasing

After erasing, there may be spots of ink left on the pages. Clean the spots with the Asoki Planner wipe: First, add a few drops of water to one corner of the wipe to wipe the page. Then, dry the page with a dry part of the wipe.

Erasing a full page

Erase entire pages with the Asoki Planner wipe and a few drops of water. Your Asoki Planner comes with a wipe and a small empty spray bottle. You can fill up the spray bottle with water or a different type of erasing liquid such as:


The Asoki Planner is a slightly wider than A5 erasable whiteboard notebook including wipe and spray bottle

Erase regularly

  • Erasing pages gets more difficult over time as the ink sets in.
  • Erase pages regularly

If the ink has been on the page for a long period of time then we recommend using the textured wipe and magic sponge from the Erase Kit.

First spray the page then put pressure on the magic sponge to dissolve the ink and finallhy wipe away the liquid with your black cloth

Scanning pages

  • Scan your pages with the free Adobe Scan app
  • Save them in a place of your choice
  • The DropBox and Evernote apps also have well-integrated scan functions
  • The Adobe Scan app will automatically find the edges of the pages and crop the scan for you
How to scan your A5 erasable whiteboard notebook with your phone

Erasable pens specs

  • 0.6 mm top
  • Made of recyclable polypropylen
  • Ink is based on water
  • Made in Germany